Sixteen suspected PF cadres detained for allocating land illegally

Sixteen suspected PF, Patriotic Front Party cadres were yesterday detained by the police in connection with illegal land allocation.
Provincial PF Chairperson, Attany Mwamba confirmed that he was aware of the matter, but emphasised that those implicated, had done so without his backing.

Mr Mwamba explained that he was actually with the police when they went to Katopola Farm Institute after being tipped that some cadres were apportioning part of the land belonging to the institute.
He says that when they got there, the police did not find any of the cadres, but that one of the cadres called to admit that they were trying to apportion the land illegally.
Mr. Mwamba has warned his party members in Eastern Province that he will not tolerate any lawlessness, and that he will hand over any cadres that are promoting illegality.
He further denied reports that cadres had tried to break out their colleagues who were detained at the police station yesterday.
Meanwhile, Provincial Police Commissioner, Eugene Sibote says that a warn and caution statement has been recorded from those that were detained.
And when asked whether they have all been released, Mr. Sibote expressed ignorance over the matter.

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