Sixty-two people convicted for trafficking in game meat and wildlife products in Chipata

Sixty-two people were convicted last year by the courts of law in Chipata district for trafficking in game meat and wildlife products.

This came to light during a two day round table meeting organised by COMACO, Community Market for Conservation in Chipata.

Presenting a report on behalf of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Chipata Forestry Technician, Adeliya Malenga says the department received 185 intelligent reports from different sources in 2016.

She says out of 185 intelligent reports received by the department, 119 reports were investigated and culprits prosecuted while 104 suspects were charged and arrested for violating the wildlife act and fire arms act of the laws of Zambia.

Ms. Malenga says among the 104 suspects, 100 were male and four were females adding that 42 suspects are yet to be convicted as their cases are still pending in the courts of law.

Ms. Malenga says the reports were ranging from elephant poaching in protected areas, illegal trafficking of ivories and pangolins, illegal manufacturing of homemade firearms and homemade shot guns.

And Ms. Malenga says the Department of National Parks and Wildlife also confiscated 111 kilograms of ivory, 13 kilograms of live pangolins, 4 kilograms of pangolin skins, 15 kilograms of Leopard Skins and one kg of lion skin.

She added that 20 kilograms of hippo teeth, 121 kilograms of hippo meat, 100 kilograms of Impala meat and 57 kilograms of buffalo meat were also confiscated from people last year.

Ms. Malenga appealed to members of the public and co-operating partners to assist curb the vice in order to protect wildlife.

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