Slaughter slab shut down in Chadiza district

Operations at the slaughter slab at Chadiza New Market have been suspended due to unsanitary condition.

The Epidemic, Prevention, Control and management Committee said that the Chadiza District Council owned slaughter slab will not operate to prevent cholera outbreak in the area.

The suspension of operations was arrived at yesterday during the District Epidemics, Prevention, Control and Management Committee meeting.

Environment Health Specialists from the District Health Office and Chadiza Town Council reported that the state of the only slaughter slab in the area was not in good condition and that it was posing a source of disease transmission in the area.

The report indicated that although some works are being done by the Local Authority to bring the slaughter slab to some animal standard, the slaughter slab should be suspended until when the Health Specialists report that the slab is conducive.

With the suspension of operations at the slaughter slab, the committee has also banned the selling of small pieces of meat in baskets commonly known as ‘kajinya’ or ‘michopo’ by some vendors throughout the district.

Some restaurants, bars and breweries that are not meeting the health standards have also been earmarked for closure.

The committee has targeted health institutions, schools, churches and traditional leaders as some of the institutions that could help in sensitizing the community on cholera.

Chadiza is one of the few districts in the region that does not have an abattoir and depends on the slaughter slab for meat product to be in the butcheries.

However with the suspension of operations at de slab, the residents of Chadiza will now be travelling 75 kilometres to Chipata or 50 kilometres to Katete to buy meat products.

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