Small holder farmers commended

Small holder farmers in Zambia contribute about 90 per cent of the food that is being consumed in the country, while 60 percent of the country’s population depends on agriculture as a source of employment.

Provincial Agricultural Coordinator Roy Lumamba says that this shows that agriculture is the backbone of the country.

Speaking when officiating at the fourth agri-profocus financial fair in Chipata this morning, Mr. Lumamba however, says small holders have limited access to appropriate financial services and products which limits their access to inputs and services to grow their businesses.

He says Eastern Province has over 493,000 registered farmers who need assistance in areas like, better access to inputs, produce processing and consistent supply to markets.

The PACO explained that the Agri-profocus brought the initiative to have an agribusiness financial fair in order to provide a platform where farmers and financial institutions like Bank of Zambia share knowledge.

Mr. Lumamba says government is committed to providing private sector investment in agriculture.

He urged private sector companies to consider the potential which exists in the agriculture sector.

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