Smuggling of maize into Malawi worries villagers

People in Chipangali have called on government to extend measures aimed at ending the rampart illegal exportation of mealie-meal to neighbouring countries such as Malawi to their area.
Tizifa Banda says that people from neighbouring countries are now illegally getting mealie-meal using shop owners in rural areas.
He explained that because it is now difficult to buy mealie-meal in bulk for exportation in towns, the Malawians are accessing the commodity through shop owners in rural areas.
Mr. Banda says that shop owners at Kapasa, Mgubudu, Kaulembe, Lukuzye and Chipangali Turn off, have been seen selling bags of mealie-meal in large quantities to people from Malawi.
He called on Immigration officers and other departments, which have been tasked with ensuring that illegal exportation of mealie-meal is stopped, to quickly visit the area and check the situation.
Meanwhile, Mr. Banda has called for the speeding up of the setting up of solar powered milling plants in the province.
He observed that this will help greatly in ensuring that the souring prices of mealie-meal are reduced.

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