Smuggling of mealie meal continues in Eastern Province

People smuggling mealie meal have not given up despite numerous arrests being recorded in Eastern Province.

This time, government has impounded five trucks loaded with 120 metric tonnes of FRA, Food Reserve Agency maize at Chanida Border, which were heading to Mozambique.

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo confirmed to Breeze News that the trucks were impounded yesterday by officers from ZNS, the Zambia National Service.

Mr. Kasolo expressed disappointment with the increasing illegal smuggling of maize going on in the province despite government putting up strict measures to curb the vice.

And Mr Kasolo explained that the number of trucks loaded with FRA maize in Nyimba had by yesterday increased from 14 to 18.

Meanwhile Mr. Kasolo says the investigations into the illegal smuggling of maize that happened at Zambia Railways in Chipata on Tuesday will not disturb operations at the railway station.

He however, says government will not allow any illicit cargo to be transported to other countries through Zambia railways.

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