Some bakeries in Chipata are losing a lot of business due to power load shedding.

Businesses in the bakery industry in Chipata have been seriously affected with the heavy load shedding being experienced country wide.
In Eastern Province, the situation has been worsened by the intermittent power supply for as long as 15 hours in a day, owing to the upgrading of the Msoro Sub Station.
Investigations carried out by Breeze Business News have revealed that most bakeries in Chipata are running at a loss with as much as over 17, 000 Kwacha being lost daily.
This implies that the actual output production has been outstripped by the input costs such as labour, and the fuel needed to run the gen-sets to try and keep up with the demand.
Some business owners have told Breeze News that this has forced them to resort to job cuts so that they can reduce on the losses being incurred.
They have appealed to government to quickly intervene, adding that the effects on the country’s economy will be severe, if the heavy load shedding continues.
Recently, ZESCO Managing Director, Victor Mudende revealed that the company has begun importing electricity from the power utility company in Mozambique.
ZESCO was said to be generating 500 megawatts instead of the required 1,050 megawatts.

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