Some Catholic priests in Chipata back the statement issued by their bishops condemning by-elections.

Some Catholic priests have backed the pastoral letter issued by their bishops that government is spending huge sums of money on the by-elections.
Chikungu Parish Priest, Father Moses Njobvu says that government is spending colossal sums of money on by- elections, money which would be used to address some problems the country is facing.
Father Njobvu said this when Kasenengwa Member of Parliament, Victoria Kalima visited his parish on her tour of the constituency.
He urged opposition Member of Parliaments to remain in their parties rather than resigning to join the ruling party.
Father Njobvu added that as long as the MPs are cooperating with the government of the day, there is no problem in belonging to the opposition political parties.
He pointed out that there is need for the country to have a strong opposition party that will be able to provide checks and balances.

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