Some Chipata residents shun the Indoor Residue Spraying Program.

Some residents in Chipata have vowed not to take part in the on-going IRS, Indoor Residue Spraying Program.
Speaking to Breeze News, Marriane Lungu from Kalongwezi Extension refused to have her house sprayed and accused the spray operators of over diluting the chemicals used during the exercise.
Ms. Lungu claims that despite having her house sprayed last year, the mosquitoes did not die, but instead multiplied.
Ms Lungu says she has decided not to have her house sprayed but rely on the mosquito nets, which she described as more effective.
And Provincial Medical Officer, Dr Kennedy Malama has dismissed claims that the mosquitoes were increasing after spraying the chemicals.
Dr Malama explained that when walls of the house have been sprayed, mosquitoes tend to avoid the walls and fly around, which can be mistaken for an increase in the number of mosquitoes.
He appealed to all residents to ensure that they have their houses sprayed so that the malaria incidence in the province can go down.

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