Some church leaders in Vubwi have differed with the council over land allocation.

A misunderstanding has ensued over land allocation between some church leaders and Vubwi District Council.
This is after church leaders were asked to build their churches in an area according to the district plans.
Vubwi District Council Secretary, John Kamanga has told Breeze News that the church leaders have however, refused to follow the district plan.
He explained that the churches, which were given land by traditional leaders before Vubwi was declared a district, are adamant to relocate despite not putting up any structures.
Mr. Kamanga stated that following the declaration of Vubwi as a district, plans which were drawn, allocated places of worship in another area from the one, which were given by traditional leaders.
He says that the district plan shows that the traditional area for the churches is supposed to be a residential area, a decision which church leaders have refused.
Mr. Kamanga says that the local authority will be firm on the matter and will not accept the demands from church leaders.

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