Some contractors who win contracts on merit are failing to perform in Eastern Province.

Government has revealed that there is a possibility that some contractors have obtained contracts under false pretences.
Head of Procurement and Supplies, Teddy Musonda says that there are some contractors who even manage to meet all the requirements and become the best bidders but fail to perform.
Speaking on Breeze FM’s Budget Tracking programme this morning, Mr. Musonda revealed that there are currently about two contractors that have failed to perform despite winning the contracts on merit.
He however, says that government has put in place enough safeguards on how to deal with contractors that fail to perform.
And Mr. Musonda says that government has so far released about 124,000 Kwacha from a budgetary allocation of 171,000 Kwacha under the 2015 National budget.
He however, expressed concern with erratic funding from government, which has resulted in some of the activities not being implemented.
Meanwhile Mr. Musonda says that his department has not been able to carry out physical inspections on some of the projects awarded through his department.
He says that it has been difficult to budget for monitoring of projects because of the budget ceiling, which does not accommodate a big budget.
Meanwhile about 800,000 Kwacha has been released towards construction of two chiefs’ palaces in Eastern Province.
Speaking during Budget Tracking Programme, Head of Procurement and Supplies, Teddy Musonda says 400,000 Kwacha has gone towards construction of a palace for Paramount Chief Mpezeni while another 400,000 Kwacha has gone towards construction of a palace for Chieftainess Nyanje.
Mr. Musonda explained that the works for the two projects, which were funded under the 2014 National Budget, are expected to be completed in 2016.
Meanwhile the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Affairs have the highest value of procurements in terms of contracts while ZANIS is among the departments with little activities.
Mr. Musonda also disclosed that the Ministries of Health and Education operate independently because they have trained staff dealing with procurement matters.

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