Some council workers in Eastern Province receive salaries after three months without pay.

Some council workers in Eastern Province have received their salaries after working for almost three months without getting paid.
Provincial Local Government Officer, Maclaudy Nyirenda confirmed this to Breeze News today.
Mr. Nyirenda says that over 312,000 Kwacha has been paid to Petauke District Council’s division one to three workers.
He says that only division four workers are remaining to receive payments.
And Mr. Nyirenda stated that Mambwe District Council is up to date with the payments except for division four workers who have not yet been paid.
He says that workers in other councils have not been paid while other local authorities have not submitted any information to his office.
Mr. Nyirenda explained that division one to three workers are paid by the central government while workers under division four are paid by their respective councils.

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