Some council workers in Lundazi down tools due to 10 months unpaid salaries

Council employees sweeping at Lundazi market have gone on strike over 10 months salary arrears.
Workers talked to by Breeze News said they have not been paid for 10 months as council management has continued making unfulfilled promises.
And market authorities have complained over the strike, stating that the situation has compromised hygiene standards at the trading area.
Vice market advisory committee Chairman Eddie Nyirenda told Breeze News that health inspectors could close the market if the situation is not immediately addressed.
He disclosed that workers stopped work on Wednesday last week.
Mr. Nyirenda revealed that marketeers are now threatening to stop paying market levy if the situation is not controlled.
But Lundazi District Council Secretary, Boyd Kaoma has described the strike by the casual workers as illegal because he was not aware of it.
Mr. Kaoma stated that the casual workers have not engaged his office over the matter.
Mr. Kaoma has indicated that his office is likely to engage prisoners to help clean the market on temporary basis.

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