Some councils in Eastern Province are struggling to pay division four workers.

Some councils in Eastern Province have not been paying their division four workers for some months now.
This has been confirmed to Breeze News by Provincial Local Government Officer, Mc cloud Nyirenda.
Mr. Nyirenda says that his office has received reports that Katete and Lundazi district councils owe their workers undisclosed amount of salary arrears for three to four months.
He says that there are also similar reports from other councils in the province but need to be confirmed.
Mr. Nyirenda explained that most councils have attributed the failure to pay their workers on time to the abolition of bicycle and grain levy that makes them not to be collecting enough revenue.
Mr. Nyirenda says that the councils have been advised to come up with other alternatives that will assist them raise enough money, as long as the plan will be in line with by-laws.
He also explained that all councils have not been receiving operational grants from the government because the money goes towards payment of salaries for council workers.

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