Some foreign nationals are illegally obtaining Zambian national registration cards.

A scam has been unearthed where some foreign nationals are taking advantage of the ongoing mobile national registration exercise, to get Zambian NRCs.
Speaking to journalists this morning, Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, revealed that the officers carrying out the exercise have stepped up their screening efforts before issuing out the NRCs.
Mr. Zulu explained that it was proving to be a challenge because of the Chichewa language which is spoken by nationals from both Mozambique and Malawi.
He says that all those seeking to get NRCs are now being advised to come with a letter from their respective chiefdoms, authenticating their Zambian nationality.
And Mr Zulu says that the number of people acquiring NRCs has gone down since the exercise begun in the district last month.
He says that this may be due to the school exams being undertaken.

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