Some irate farmers in Chipata complain over delay to give them government subsidized inputs.

Some irate farmers stormed the District Agricultural Coordinator’s Office in Chipata this morning to demand for their share of fertiliser under FISP, Farmer Input Support Programme.
The farmers, who came from different camps around the district complained over the delay of the distribution of fertiliser.
The farmers stated that they have been spending nights at the sheds for almost two weeks now so that they can be given their share.
They wondered why they have not been given their allocation when there have been four trucks loaded with fertilizers at the sheds for almost four days now.
They also complained of poor communication between the farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture as they are not told when fertiliser is available.
And when addressing the farmers, DACO, District Agricultural Coordinator, Michael Ngulube apologised over the confusion in the distribution of fertiliser.
Mr Ngulube explained that he is aware that some farmers should have applied the top dressing in their fields by now and that it is also his wish to see farmers receiving their inputs on time.
He noted that the province agriculture office is in charge of giving the go ahead for the distribution as the inputs are not only for farmers in Chipata but for the whole province.

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