Some journalists accused of being political cadres.

The Media Liaison Committee has noted with concern the high levels of unprofessionalism among journalists.

Media Liaison Committee Secretary, Ernest Chanda told journalists during a media training in Chipata that it is not a hidden truth that most journalists are political cadres.

Mr. Chanda says this is seen by the way some individual journalists gave support to some political parties during the August 11th general elections.

He says even if journalists have the right to support a candidate of their choice, it is unethical for them to openly show support for any politician through the way they report about them.

And speaking at the same training, Kamufisa Manchishi from MISA Zambia highlighted on the need to have the access to information bill tabled in parliament.

Mr. Manchishi says the access to information bill whose debate started in 2002 has delayed to be tabled in parliament so that it can be enacted into law.

He says there is need for journalists to do more on advocating for the access to information, which will give Zambians freedom of access to information from any government department once it becomes law.

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