Some Kamwala residents in Chadiza happy with decision to ban brewing and selling of illicit drinks in the area.

Some Kamwala residents in Chadiza district have expressed happiness over the ban imposed on brewing and selling of illicit drinks commonly known as Kachasu.
Kamwala Compound Chairman, Nickson Phiri says that the ban came because of the increase in crime and insults in the area.
Mr. Phiri says that the compound was recording the highest number of people going into prison every week due to insults and stealing.
He says that this was because Kachasu was being sold to under aged children while those selling the illicit drinks did not have specific time for conducting their business.
Kamwala Compound is situated within Chadiza boma and is the biggest compound in the district.
Last week, it was announced that people in Kamwala compound should stop brewing and selling Kachasu and that anyone going against this directive will be prosecuted.

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