Some newly constructed clinics have failed to open in Chipata due to lack of medical staff.

The employment freeze imposed by government has had a negative impact on the health sector in Eastern Province.
This came to light when Chipata Central Member of Parliament, Reuben Mtolo Phiri toured some CDF, Constituency Development Funded projects under the health sector.
Mr. Phiri expressed concern that all clinics that have been built using CDF have failed to start operating, due to the employment freeze imposed by government.
He revealed that a meeting with Ministry of Health officials indicated that no medical staff can be sent to the clinics until the employment freeze has been lifted.
Responding to calls for a clinic from the community in Kasubu area, Mr. Phiri observed that community efforts to improve the health sector, through construction of clinics in the rural areas, are being frustrated by the employment and wage freeze.
And during a tour of one of the clinics in the constituency, a cleaner was found manning the health facility.
When contacted for comment, Provincial Medical Officer Abel Kabalo admitted that the health sector in Eastern Province is facing a shortage of personnel.
Dr. Kabalo, however, says that government has shown political will to addressing the human resource challenges in the health sector as evidenced through the expansion of training schools in the Province.
He says that there are expansion works being carried out at Chipata School of Nursing as well as a 200 capacity lecture theater under construction at St Francis School of Nursing.

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