Some officers at Ministry of Education in Chipata demand bribes to recruit teachers.

Some officers at the Ministry of Education in Chipata have been accused of colleting bribes from people who want to be recruited as teachers.
Some applicants, who declined to be named, complained that some officers at the DEBS, District Education Board Secretary’s office are asking them to pay amounts ranging from 500 to 1000 Kwacha to recruit them as teachers.
The applicants explained that they have refused to pay the officers this time because they were not employed in the last recruitment exercise despite paying the money.
The applicants threatened to report the matter to ACC, Anti-Corruption Commission if the authorities do not stop asking them to pay and making fake promises.
And some residents have questioned the criteria used by government to recruit teachers as only those with relatives in the Ministry of Education are considered.
But when contacted for a comment, District Education Board Secretary, Hebert Mwinga denied the allegations.
Mr. Mwinga explained that the exercise is being done in a transparent way as people are only being asked to sign the recruitment forms and leave them at his office.
He says that government cannot be asking for money from people who are in need of employment, adding that only those that meet qualifications get employed.

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