Some officers in Mambwe district charge people getting NRCs and Voters’cards

Government has been urged to investigate reports that people are being over charged to obtain NRCs, National Registration Cards in Mambwe district and to register as voters.
Some villagers, who did not want to be mentioned, explained that people in Ncheka, Masumba Msoro and other areas, are being asked to pay varying amounts before they are issued with NRCs or registered as voters.
They explained that this is likely to disfranchise most people in the area, as they do not have money to pay.
And Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo, advised people to demand receipts if they are charged, describing the act as fraud.
He says that any officer charging people to register as a voter must be reported to police.
Mr. Kasolo explained that police have been put on alert, as it was anticipated that some people may fraudulently want to earn money through the two exercises of NRC issuance and voter registration.
Last week, Electoral Commission of Zambia public relations manager, Chris Akafuna cautioned members of the public to be alert and report officers, who may be charging people to register as voters.
His caution came, after a voter registration officer in Kasama was fired for charging people to register as voters.

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