Some officers involved in the National Registration Card Exercise recalled from the field

Some officers who were conducting the mobile National Registration Card exercise have been sent back home from the fields.
The officers who talked to Breeze News on condition of anonymity say that they have been directed to come back because government wants to deploy people who are in the Ministry of Home Affairs for security reasons.
But when contacted for a comment, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo says that there has been a mix up of information from the headquarters.
Mr. Kasolo says the Ministry headquarters misinformed the officers that they should return, but what is pertaining is that the people where given one month to work and then come back to give chance to others.
He added that there is a lot of money in the exercise which should be shared among different individuals.
Mr. Kasolo says that the Ministry of Home Affairs is expected to make an official announcement on the matter before the end of the day.

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