Some opposition political parties defend their action to boycott Independence Day celebrations.

Some opposition political parties in Chipata have defended their action to boycott Independence Day celebrations.
United Party for National Development UPND says that the move was a protest against government’s alleged poor performance.
UPND Provincial Coordinator, Isaac Mutolo Phiri has alleged that the CDF, Constituency Development Funds for areas, which have opposition Members of Parliament are not being released.
Mr. Phiri says that this has led to development lagging behind in most constituencies with opposition MP’s.
He explained that despite independence celebrations being for every Zambian, there was no reason for the opposition to be celebrating when they are not happy with the way people are being governed.
He added that the ruling Patriotic Front was also behaving in the same manner when they were in the opposition, adding that there is no justification for anyone to condemn them.
Yesterday, Provincial Minister, Malozo Sichone condemned the opposition political parties who shunned the independence celebrations.

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