Some parents in Chipata complain of corporal punishment in schools.

Some parents in Chipata have complained that their children are being beaten by teachers at some school.
Mary Zulu from Mçhenga Compound says her daughter was beaten by a teacher from a named school, because she was studying from there when she is learning at another school.
Mrs. Zulu has appealed to the Ministry of Education to intervene in the matter and explain if corporal punishment is allowed in schools.
She also says that government should clarify if pupils are not allowed to study from schools where they do not learn from.
And Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza says that corporal punishment is a serious offence, which was banned by an act of parliament.
He urged teachers to find other means of advising pupils, than beating them.
Mr. Mwanza added that pupils from other schools are allowed to study from any school, which is near their home as long as the school administration has been informed.

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