Some parents in Chipata complain over high school fees for children in lower grades.

Some parents in Chipata have complained over the school fees schools are charging for children in lower grades.
The parents told Breeze News that the school fees are too high for the junior pupils.
The parents say that the amount they are paying of 100 Kwacha and 70 Kwacha rebased, is contrary, to the free education policy that government promised people during campaign.
They have asked government to consider reducing the school fees to at least 50 Kwacha per year.
When contacted for a comment, Provincial Education Officer, Thomas Mwanza, says that the fees are constituted by PTA, Parents Teachers Association, and that government has nothing to do with that.
Mr. Mwanza says that the PTA fund, is meant for school projects, and paying school workers who are not on government payroll.
Mr. Mwanza has advised parents to be attending PTA meetings whenever they are called, so that they understand such issues.

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