Some prisoners from Namuseche Prisons in Chipata complain of pending court cases.

Prisoners from Namuseche Prisons in Chipata have appealed to government to address the high number of inmates with pending court cases.
This came to light during an inspection carried out by the Human Rights Commission.
One of the inmates, John Phiri, observed that many of the detainees at the prison had petty cases that had not been attended to, for over 6 months.
A check by Breeze News found some inmates have been locked up since early last year, with court cases still pending.
And the acting officer in charge, Moses Tembo, says that despite Namuseche Prison having a capacity to hold 250 inmates, 758 inmates are currently being kept.
Inmates with communicable diseases such as TB, Tuberculosis, are kept in the same room with other inmates, due to lack of accommodation.
The detention facility currently has 10 cells for both female and male convicts, with an average of 48 people per cell.
However, the Regional Commanding Officer, Chief Superintendent Christopher Kajimbala says that government was in the process of making plans to put up new structures.
He says that this will help with the accommodation shortage being faced.

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