Some residents in Chipata unhappy with the Indoor Residue Spraying program.

Some residents in Chipata have expressed concern with the manner in which the IRS, Indoor Residue Spraying program is being done.
Rosario Chitsime, a resident of Moth Area, wondered why her house had not been sprayed, despite some of her neighbours having had their houses sprayed.
Speaking to Breeze News, Ms Chitsime accused the spray operators of being selective when carrying out the exercise.
And another resident of Moth Area, who did not want to be named, observed that the insecticide being used was a bit too strong.
He added that the spray operators did not seem to care when spraying as some of the delicate items in houses, which are not supposed to be sprayed, are being sprayed.
But Hilary Tebeka, an environmental health technologist from the Chipata Municipal Council has dismissed the complaints, saying that all household goods are covered with a plastic, to avoid damaging people’s belongings with the chemical.
He added that houses that were mistakenly left out of the spraying program will be sprayed eventually when they carry out their mop up operation.
The IRS program, which began on September 31, is targeting 55, 000 households in Chipata, and is due to end after 55 days.

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