Some residents in Mambwe complain over the high price of food commodities in the district.

Some residents in Mambwe have expressed concern over the high price of food commodities in the area.
Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Roma Kakumbi and Eliza Banda said that the mealie meal price is too high for the average person living in that region to afford.
A check by Breeze News in Mambwe, found that a 25 kilogramme bag of mealie meal costs between 71 and 75 Kwacha despite the average cost of mealie meal being 65 Kwacha.
The duo explained that the staple food has become a luxury to them and that they sometimes have to resort to relying on wild fruits since they cannot engage in vegetative farming due to the wild animals which feed on the crops.
They further observed that the current ban on hunting of game meat takes away the few options that they have on sources of food.
The two women appealed to government to send some relief food in the area in order to address the hunger that is prevalent.
And speaking during the Malaila Ceremony of the Kunda people, Deputy Minister of Transport, Works and Supply, Colonel Panji Kaunda, said that government had already made plans to send some relief food to the area.

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