Some teachers in Chipata defy government directive to stop giving tuitions at a fee.

Some teachers in Chipata have defied government directive to stop giving tuitions at a fee.
The teachers who were conducting these lessons openly in classrooms are now reported to have moved the tuitions to their homes.
One teacher, who did not want to be identified, told Breeze news that while the decision to stop the tuitions seemed to be a good one, government should have considered the negative repercussions.
He observed that the previous MMD government had stopped teachers from holding tuitions in their homes because it made pupils vulnerable to sexual abuse.
However, because of the current ban, he says that pupils are lured to follow the teachers to their homes because the demand for the extra lessons has become higher as the date for exams draws near.
Government has stopped teachers from holding tuition at a fee because they were not giving in their best when teaching in class.

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