Some tobacco companies accused of abandoning sponsored farmers in Lundazi district.

Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia EFAZ has expressed concern at Zambia Leaf Tobacco Company’s move to stop buying tobacco in Lundazi district.
EFAZ Chairperson Franklyn Mwale told Breeze News that there is need for government to seriously intervene in the matter.
Mr. Mwale also stated that there is need for TBZ, Tobacco Board of Zambia to give a better explanation as to why the company has stopped buying produce.
He further revealed that most Zambia Leaf Tobacco Company sponsored farmers are stranded with their tobacco in the district following the sudden decision by the company to stop buying.
But Lundaz District Agriculture Coordinator, Philemon Lungu stated that the company concluded buying tobacco last week after reaching its target of 114,483 Kilogrammes.
Mr. Lungu also indicated that his office has not yet received complaints from Zambia Leaf Tobacco Company sponsored farmers that the company has abandoned them.

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