Some traders start paying back presidential loans

Some traders who got loans under the Presidential Empowerment Scheme in Chipata have started paying back the money.

Kapata Market Chairperson, Richard Lunda, who is representing traders under NATMAZ, National Traders and Marketeers Association of Zambia, confirmed to Breeze News that an organization called Amaka sent people to start collecting the money from marketeers and vendors.

Mr. Lunda however, could not state how many traders have managed to pay back the money out of the 68 that collected in April this year.

Mr. Lunda says this is a good move because it means other people who registered for the funds will also benefit.

He says over 5,000 marketeers and vendors registered for the Presidential Empowerment Fund adding that the marketeers are from about ten markets under NATMAZ in the district.

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