Some traffic police officers in Chipata accused of being corrupt.

Taxi drivers in Chipata have complained of alleged corrupt practices by some traffic police officers during road blocks.
Speaking during RTSA, Road Transport and Safety Agency meeting in Chipata, the taxi drivers said that the police officers ask for kickbacks for minor faults found on vehicles.
They stated that the officers do not issue receipts for the money paid while taxi drivers, who refuse to pay are locked up on exaggerated cases.
And RTSA Principal Publicity Officer, Mercy Mwila, says that it is not right for police officers not to issue receipts for the money paid for any traffic offence.
Mrs. Mwila advised the taxi drivers to report such matters to senior officers because RTSA does not condone corrupt practices.
She revealed that some police officers have in the past lost their jobs on 54,000 Kwacha bribes.
And Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu, directed the Eastern Region Divisional Traffic Officer, Muyenga Wapa to get names of officers involved in corrupt practices so that the law should take its course.

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