Some villagers in Chief Chanje’s area are harbouring criminals.

People in Chief Chanje’s area of Chipata district have been cautioned against harbouring thieves.
Chief Chanje of the Chewa people says that theft is on the increase in his area because some people, especially the youths, are working with thieves, who come from town.
He explained that thieves thought to be coming from town are terrorizing villagers and institutions such as schools and clinics.

The traditional leader says that thieves are stealing items especially livestock such as cattle, goats and pigs from the villagers, while in institutions, they are stealing laptops, television sets and other valuables belonging to workers.
He says that Vikwelukwelu and Vizenge schools have already been affected, while Khoswe and other surrounding villages have also suffered similar attacks.
Chief Chanje says that he held a meeting with headmen to find ways of ending the growing criminal activities and says anyone, who will be found to be working with the thieves will be punished.

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