Some youth groups who benefitted from the 2012 Youth Development Fund have already misappropriated the money

Some youth groups who benefitted from the 2012 YDF, Youth Development Fund are reported to have already misappropriated the money.
Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone says that he has received reports that some youth groups have misused the funds.
Mr. Sichone says that government will not spare anyone who will be found wanting adding that any person found to have misappropriated YDF will be sent to jail.
Mr. Sichone says that YDF is a program aimed at empowering youths to address the problem of unemployment in the country which is not to be misused because it has to be paid back so that others also benefit.
He was speaking in Chipata when he met two youth groups from Chadiza and Chipata with the aim of empowering them with hammer mills but one of the group did not qualify.

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