Some Zambians fleeing xenophobic violence in South Africa condemn the attacks.

Some Zambians fleeing xenophobic attacks in South Africa have appealed to government to assist them get out of that country.
Speaking to Breeze News, Patrick Mwale, who has just returned from South Africa, says that Zambians like other foreigners are going through a tough time.
Mr. Mwale appealed to government to do more to help bring back Zambians who are stranded in that country.
He says that some of his colleagues have been put in camps to protect them from the xenophobic attacks currently taking place.
Mr. Mwale, who condemns the attacks, says that South Africans need to remember that other African countries assisted them a lot during their liberation struggle.
Mr, Mwale says that attacking foreigners will not assist South Africans get the jobs, which they are accusing foreigners to be getting.
Despite the South African government having deployed the army to stop the attacks, countries like Zimbabwe have already moved close to 400 Zimbabweans who were staying in that country.

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