Some ZESCO clients in Chipata condemn the system used by the power company to install pre-paid metres.

Some ZESCO clients in Chipata have accused officers installing pre-paid meters of carrying out the exercise in a haphazard manner.
The clients have wondered how officers, who were installing the metres in Kapata Township on Monday suddenly changed and moved to David Kaunda Township the following day.
Penius Simukoko told Breeze News that this is surprising and inconveniencing to people who have been waiting to be given pre-paid meters.
But ZESCO has defended this kind of system of installing pre-paid metres.
Regional ZESCO Manager, Wilbroad Chanda says that houses in areas, which are already being billed for the September-October period using the normal system, are being left out because it will create conflict in the billing system.
Mr. Chanda explained that this should not worry the clients because they will also be connected with pre-paid metres later.
Meanwhile Mr. Chanda says that ZESCO has already installed over 700 pre-paid metres since the exercise started two week ago.

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