Squatters at Chadiza market given final warning

Chadiza district Council has sent a strong warning to residents who reside in the market to look for suitable places of residence before they are forced to move.

District Physical Planner Michael Ngulube told Breeze News that the local authority will not allow people to continue staying at the trading area.

Mr Ngulube wondered why some people have continued staying in the market even after numerous warnings from the council to vacate the premises.

He stated that the grace period elapsed on Friday last week and that the council this week intends to move in to remove the squatters with help from police officers.

Mr Ngulube emphasized that the market is meant for business purposes only and not habitation.

Meanwhile Mr Ngulube has warned all illegal fuel dealers to stop keeping their fuel in the market.

He says that keeping fuel in shops poses a great danger to people and properties especially in case of a fire breakout.

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