Squatters at Wachepa village in Chipata told to relocate or face consequences.

Squatters at Wachepa village in Chipata have been given an ultimatum to vacate the disputed land by next month or face the consequences.
This is in a matter where the court ruled that the villagers are illegally staying on a piece of land belonging to the Nkwengwe family.
In an interview with Breeze News, Provincial Minister Malozo Sichone says that the land, which government has identified for the squatters is good for agricultural activities.
He says that government was doing everything to ensure that water points are established before relocating the villagers next month.
Mr Sichone added that government will use available support from other departments such as Social Welfare to further assist the villagers once they are moved.
He appealed for cooperation from the villagers, adding that this was a problem created under previous governments and that the PF, Patriotic Front government is only trying to remedy the situation.

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