St Anne’s Cemetery in Chipata to be closed by December this year

St Anne’s Cemetery in Chipata will by December this year be officially closed from being used for burials.
Chipata Municipal Council Director of Planning, Kaonga Namenda told Breeze News that the graveyard has reached its maximum utilisation, according to the Public Health Act of Zambia.
Mr. Namenda says that a land from Aslot area along Malawi road which is already being used as a graveyard and a land near Msekera Turnoff will soon be opened for the public to be burying their loved ones.
He says that the two gravesites will save the district for two to three years.
Mr. Namenda admitted that there was poor planning for the deceased in Chipata town, as very little land was reserved for burial sites.
He says that since Chipata Town is growing at a very fast rate, there is need to have enough land for graves which can be utilised for many years.
Mr. Namenda says that the council is planning to open other gravesites close to town to reduce on the long distance people cover to go and bury their loved ones at St. Anne’s.

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