St. Eugene University denies holding on to certificates for former students.

St. Eugene University has refuted allegations that it is preventing former students from getting employment in the government by not releasing their original certificates.
School RECTOR Father Xavier Manoj told Breeze News that former students who are alleging that they cannot get employment because of not having original certificates are not telling the truth.
Some former students have alleged that St Eugene University is holding on to their certificates under the pretext that they will be given at graduation ceremony in April.
The former students complained that since 2014 when they completed, the university has been postponing the graduation date.
But Father Manoj says the transcripts given to them are good enough to get employment anywhere be it in government or private sector.
He says two students who are yet to attend a graduation ceremony have been deployed by the government using the transcripts while five are waiting to be deployed.
Father Manoj says some students who opt to get their certificates have written to the management upon payment of their fees and have been given.

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