Stakeholders call for improved hygiene

Stakeholders have called for improved hygiene standards in Chipata district, especially in markets such as Saturday, Nabvutika, Kaumbwe and Magazine, where various food stuffs are sold.

The call was made this morning, during an emergence meeting looking at ways of preventing cholera from spreading in Chipata district.

Among issues of concern, was the stagnant water at Saturday Market and the need to improve standards of hygiene in most markets in Chipata.

Stakeholders at the meeting said there is need for the drainage system at Saturday Market to be improved and ensure the stagnant water is cleared.

And speaking at the same meeting, acting provincial health director, Jairos Mulambya, noted that cholera can be prevented by ensuring that people have access to safe clean drinking water, maintain high standards of hygiene and properly dispose off fecal matter.

Dr. Mulambya also emphasized the need to find local solutions in the prevention and treatment of cholera cases.

He also noted that Chipata, has almost 10 buses coming and going to Lusaka, thereby making the district at risk of experiencing cases of cholera.

And district health director, Dr. Charles Fanaka, emphasized the need to find ways that will ensure that markets have supply of clean safe water.

The stakeholders also raised concern over the continued trend of some people, who spend nights in the markets.

And chairing the meeting, district administrative officer, Kapembwa Sikazwe, said the Chipata City Council must treat the matter of stagnant water at Saturday Market as an emergency.

He said there is need to put plans in place to ensure that markets have running water.

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