Stakeholders recommend government schools stop sending back pupils struggling to pay user fees

Stakeholders in Chipata have recommended that government schools stop the system of sending back pupils whose parents delay to pay user fees.
This came to light during a CSPR, Civil Society for Poverty Reduction Round Table meeting held in Chipata.
Young Women Christian Association YWCA Provincial Coordinator, Dorothy Ndhlovu observed that children go through mental torture because of being forced out of class while losing out on lessons.
Mrs. Ndhlovu stated that school administrators should deal directly with parents because even government has discouraged sending away pupils who delay to pay user fees.
And on a different topic, CDFA, Chipata District Farmers Association Coordinator, Virgil Malambo said that government should properly state the purpose of setting a maize floor price.
Mr. Malambo stated that government needs to be specific in setting the floor price so that private companies buying maize do not buy at less than the recommended price.
He observed that lack of proper management in maize marketing had contributed to the poor maize yield in the 2014-2015 farming season.
Meanwhile CSPR Provincial Coordinator, Maxson Nkhoma says that there is need for civil society organizations to engage government and establish what kind of MoUs, Memorandum of Understandings government signs with crop buying companies.
Mr. Nkhoma says that this will be the only way that CSOs will be actively involved in ensuring that farmers are not unfairly treated by these companies.

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