Starving villagers in valley area of Lundazi district denied relief maize

Starving villagers in the valley area of Lundazi district have been left out on the beneficiaries of relief maize.
This came to light during the District Management and Mitigation Unit meeting held in Lundazi this morning.
Team leader Francis Zulu says that the relief food will be distributed to starving villagers in Chilola, Chimaliro, Kapirisanga, Magodi, Luwerezi and Ndonda wards.
He stated that according to a preliminary report, 8,193 households are earmarked to benefit from the relief maize.
Mr. Zulu also explained that only Lumimba Ward in Chief Chitugulu’s area was identified to be food secure.
And Acting Lundazi District Commissioner, Mukule Banda wondered why people in the valley area such as Kazembe, Mwanya and Chibande have been left out.
He appealed to the team under the office of the vice president to consider sending another assessment team so that people in the valley are included on the beneficiary list.
Mr. Banda indicated that delay to take relief maize to people in the valley during this period will cost government a lot as the area can only be reached by helicopter during the rainy season.

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