Starving villagers in valley areas of Lundazi district given 2,000 by 50 Kilogramme bags of relief maize.

Government has given starving villagers in the valley areas of Lundazi district 2,000 by 50 kilogramme bags of maize.

This came to light during DMMU, Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit committee meeting held in the district yesterday.

Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Mvula said that following an assessment report, government had decided to allocate relief maize to the area to caution the food insecurity.

Ms. Mvula explained that the area was hit with draughts, human/animal conflicts and floods, which destroyed crops in most fields.

She said that Luangwa Valley Project has been engaged to transport the maize to the affected people in the valley adding that the transportation exercise is expected to commence soon.

There have been serious reports of hunger in the valley areas of Lundazi district.


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