State House orders immedite help for displaced families in Lundazi

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit DMMU has been directed to find a lasting solution to people who have been displaced from Lukusuzi Game Park in Lundazi district.

Deputy Special Assistant to the President in charge of projects, Joseph Mukupa says the displaced families are in need of basic needs.

He says DMMU, should quickly provide basic needs to the displaced families and ensure that they are assisted in all that they need.

And Mr. Mukupa says a tour to some chiefdoms in the province has revealed similar challenges being faced such as poor road networks, lack of safe drinking water and lack of dams.

He says that the tour further revealed displacements of people due to various reasons and the need to connect power to chiefs’ palaces.

Mr. Mukupa however, says government will ensure that challenges being faced by people in various chiefdoms are addressed.

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