Stray lions terrorise villagers in Chief Mwanya in Lundazi

Stray lions are reported to be threatening people’s lives in Mkasanga area of Chief Mwanya in Lundazi District.

Headman Mkasanga Arnold Nkhoma and Samson Nguni a resident of Chombelo village confirmed to Breeze News in separate interviews.

Headman Nkhoma says that people in the area are now forced to be indoors as early as 18 hours for fear of being attacked by the lions.

He disclosed that the lions believed to be from South Luangwa National Park go into villages killing domestic animals including dogs for almost a month now.

And Samson Nguni stated that people in the area cannot take their sick relatives to clinics at night for fear of being attacked.

He disclosed that dogs were more vulnerable at the moment as the lions kill almost 9 dogs in one night, a situation which has instilled fear in local people.

Mr. Nguni mentioned Mlolo, Mkala, Chevu, Chombelo and Mkasanga as some of the affected villages.

The duo appealed to the Department of Wildlife to quickly address the situation, stating that from the time the matter was reported, nothing has been done.

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