Street vending and wrongly erected billboards are contributing to road traffic accidents.

Street vending and putting up of billboards in wrong places is contributing to the raise in Road Traffic Accidents in the country.
This came to light during the World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims and the Africa Road Safety Day yesterday.

Road Transport and Safety Agency RTSA Provincial Manager, Namwakwa Nachilongo Kasafya said that most billboards have been erected in a manner where pedestrians and other road users are obscured from seeing oncoming traffic.
She says that the agency is unable to uproot such billboards as it has no real mandate.
Mrs. Kasafya urged those responsible of erecting billboards to seek advice from RTSA so that the billboards are not erected in a manner that obstructs road users.
On street vendors, Mrs. Kasafya observed that conducting business on public road sides possess a serious danger to many people’s lives in an event where an accident occurs.
Mrs. Kasafya however, emphasized that RTSA is committed to ensuring that roads are safe for use by all users.
And Provincial Administrative Officer, Stephen Tembo, said that there is need for local authorities to also start getting fully involved in issues of road safety.
He observed that on its own, RTSA may not manage with the increasing numbers of road traffic accidents.
Mr. Tembo called on all stakeholders including Non-Governmental Organizations to come on board and collaborate with RTSA in combatting road traffic accidents.
The event was commemorated under the theme; “Towards enhanced implementation of the Africa Plan of Action Measure for the 2011 to 2020 Road Safety Decade of Action”

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