Street vendors disturb road works on Umodzi Highway

Street vendors trading along Umodzi Highway in Chipata have been reminded to move away from the road to pave way for construction works.

Chipata Municipal Council Town Clerk, Davies Musenge told Breeze News that the contractor, Mota Engel complained to the local authority last week that the vendors are inconveniencing them.

Mr. Musenge says the market committee was informed about the complaint by the contractor and promised to remind the vendors to move away from the main road.

Mr. Musenge says the street vendors should not have waited for a reminder for them to move away because they were told when the works started that they should move out of the road.

And Mr. Musenge says the Umodzi Highway will be completed before the end of this year.

He says Mota Engel is just completing the pavements on the road and has already started erecting poles for traffic lights at RCZ junction.

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