Street vendors in Chadiza district given ultimatum

Street vendors in Chadiza District have been ordered to move back to the market place at Chadiza old Market.

Chadiza District Council Secretary Kennedy Kazanda says that there are more than 70 vacant spaces at the old market but wondered why people were rushing to do their business along the streets.

He says that the traders were sensitized on the dangers of selling their goods along the street but that the traders have ignored the advice.

Mr. Kazanda has given the traders a two day ultimatum for them to get back to the market or lose their goods through confiscations.

He further warned that the local authority would drag the vendors to court.

This comes barely hours after Marketeers at Chadiza Old market protested over the increased number of street vendors in the area.

The marketeers who later stormed the Civic Centre asked the council to remove all street vendors from their various trading places and place them in the market shelter at the old market.

The marketeers complained that they were receiving very few customers in the market because most of the residents bought their goods form street vendors.

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