Suspended PF Lundazi district chairperson, Manfred Banda obtains court injunction

Suspended Lundazi District PF Patriotic Front Chairman Manfred Banda has filed a court injunction restraining Acting Lundazi district Chairman Mushota Ng’uni from conducting any party operations.
In a writ of summon availed to Breeze News in Lundazi today dated June 27, Mr. Banda is seeking court intervention to restrain Mr. Nguni and the entire committee at the district level from operating until the central committee resolves his suspension.
Mr. Banda noted that if the committee continues with the party activities at the district and in lower organs of the party, it will put him at a disadvantage position ahead of the district elections.
He further stated that his suspension was invalid and unconstitutional.
Mr. Banda has contended that he was not warned or written a letter to exculpate himself over alleged offences leveled against him.
Mr. Banda was recently suspended for allegedly gross misconduct by the Provincial Patriotic Front Party chairman Attany Mwamba.

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